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OUR APPROACH. Reduce injuries, increase safety awareness and develop safety leadership. Our lead safety Consultant has over 25 years of Nuclear Power Generation, as well as, Electric/Gas Transmission and Distribution safety experience in top performing fortune 500 companies. He has worked with Executive Leadership, First Line Supervision and organized and non-organized workers with tremendous results.

Drawing from a vast background of experience, we work with you and your organization's stakeholders to diagnose the areas of concern, collaboratively define the plan to close the gaps and develop measurable actions so progress can be tracked during implementation.

Solutions are only created after a thorough understanding of the organization's needs has been determined.

  • General Safety Consulting
  • ARC Hazard Analysis
  • Electrical Safety including High voltage
  • Safety Program/Process Review, Analysis, and Development
  • Complete Compliance Auditing, Pre-OSHA inspections
  • Protective Equipment and Clothing Use
  • Managing for an improved Safety Record
  • Craft Specific Safety Consulting
  • Client Specified Safety Consulting
  • Leadership Development
  • Work Area Protection
  • Vehicle Accident Reduction

NO MATTER THE SIZE OF YOUR ORGANIZATION, we ensure that your are positioned for success by diligently working your safety issues and challenges with a focus on simplicity and cost effectivenesars.

  • We use analytical tools to identify issues and areas of risk.
  • We simplify compliance by assisting with interpretation of complex OSHA laws.
  • We make insurance easier and affordable through assessment, remediation, and monitoring of risks.
  • We review all opportunities to reduce costs associated with industrial accidents.
  • We develop strategies and programs based on measurable actions and activities.

With Davey Utility Services, you get the proper level of attention to meet your safety needs.